We all love those cool, crisp, clear, starry autumn and winter nights! But we should never consider subjecting our guests to the chilly air by holding our fall or winter wedding outdoors on a patio or in a garden – or should we? You don’t have to deprive yourself and your guests from the exhilarating fall or winter ambiance when outdoor heaters will keep you cozy and warm while you celebrate!

Yes, renting outdoor (also known as patio) heaters will keep you toasty and aglow with love as you and your groom dance your first dance together under a moonlit sky. The heaters are about 8’ tall and, if you choose heaters that run on propane rather than electricity, you won’t have to worry about power cables snaking across the patio.

Believe it or not, there are some attractive outdoor heaters on the market that come in both traditional and contemporary designs to fit any décor. Some traditional styles are reminiscent of a classic iron lamp post, while modern designs may display some classic elements to it with a twist of futuristic. Patio heaters are available in residential and commercial grades, with the commercial grades being more powerful. In fact, they create a 20 ft. heat circle. It’s the commercial-grade heaters that allow restaurants to offer their patrons year-round outdoor seating.

If your winter temperatures fluctuate, and you want to make absolutely sure everyone will be as comfortable as possible on any given night, tabletop warmers can be rented at most event and party-rental companies, and some rental companies offer foot heaters, too. Nifty, huh?

Some Patio Heater Hints

It’s a good idea to select a model with wheels, just in case you need to move one of the heaters during the event. The wheels are often hidden, so they won’t affect the heater’s overall appearance. If your al fresco wedding reception will be in a particularly windy, you might want to request screens, shades or other wind breakers for the heaters, because wind can adversely affect the heater’s performance. If you’re planning to rent a tent to enclose an outdoor area, check into direct-fired and indirect-fired tent heaters. They’ll heat your tent nicely, but they won’t have the same cozy charm as patio heaters.

So while you and your groom are under the winter stars in the midst of your first dance together as husband and wife, your most fun-loving guests can step a few feet away and build a snowman.

These tips will help you not to be cold in a cold weather and make amazing photos, which you can edit in warm and cozy tones using this photo retouching site.