At the start of September, LinkedIn announced the new, updated look for LinkedIn company pages. In line with a complete design overhaul and phased by functionality area, company pages was one of the last areas to get its new look.

In using the updated company pages, the only change that I can see relates to the overall design and change of the format of the site, no functional improvements have included yet, but keep an eye on the LinkedIn blog for new developments.


When looking to get myself updated on the latest LinkedIn developments, I came across an interesting whitepaper by HubSpot that clearly itemises all of the changes made as well as a recap on the functionality available to marketers responsible for ownership of their company page.

Whilst I recommend clients to keep company pages updated, I personally think that there’s a bit too much hype around them with no case studies (well LinkedIn ones) nor usage statistics being shared on their success online.

That said, to make sure you’re maximising the LinkedIn company page owned by your business I’ve pulled together my top ten tips to get you on your way:

#1 – Sharing Company Updates

Sharing company updates on your LinkedIn company can be a good way to share information with current employees, past employees, customer and prospective customers alike.


Whilst I like to use tools like or Onlywire – I feel that LinkedIn company pages should offer something different, with it being seen as more of a corporate environment the tone used might be somewhat different to that used on other, more consumer facing social media channels.

#2 – Learn and Improve

Be sure to group the updates you put out to find out what works best, think about using URL shortnerers (, etc) to understand both click through rate and the most active time to publish your content.

#3 – Use Imagery

The updated LinkedIn company pages allow administrators to add imagery brand your page. On the LinkedIn company pages homepage, you can now add a cover image, very similar to that of Facebook, whilst on the Products and Services pages you add “Product Spotlights”.

#4 – Careers Pages

If you regularly advertise for job open within the LinkedIn Job boards, you can look to display them on a dedicated careers page. This is one of the areas that LinkedIn looks to up sell to its customers with numerous packages on offer; however, you can display these for free on your company page without any imagery.

#5 – Add Products/Services

Be sure to add all of your products and services to your LinkedIn company page. I honestly don’t know how many people look at these pages but it’s a good opportunity to add further branding, include videos and benefit for SEO with the ability to add keywords and URLs.


#6 – Get Recommended

If you put your products and services up on your LinkedIn page, you can get them recommended by your customers, acting as a further support for your new business.


#7 – Think SEO

Like with every form of social media, think SEO, specifically about keywords, URLs and categories. The better your SEO, the more prominence you’ll have within Google for both brand mentions and associated keywords, and by maintaining consistency on your LinkedIn company page you will make sure customers are lost.


#8 – Geo Targeting

If you are a global business that has one brand that serves many locations, LinkedIn offers a nice function that lets you create specific landing pages for different geographic locations.


#9 – Analytics

I tend to find the Analytics offered by LinkedIn as quite poor, it is however a free tool available that can give insights if you take a bit of time to dig around.

#10 – Lead Generation

LinkedIn is all around lead generation, so be sure to use your LinkedIn company page for this reason – think landing pages to capture leads based on content that offer value. A few good examples are Instapage and Unbounce.

If you’re new to LinkedIn company pages, don’t worry, click here to be redirected to the LinkedIn learning centre, offering numerous testimonials and breakdown of functionalities available.

What do you think about LinkedIn company pages? An advocate or just adverse to them?