A few weeks ago I wrote an interesting blog post that showed where you could find UK based journalists on Twitter, covering a number of different methodologies to which you could use.

Through analyzing my blog statistics after publishing the post, it soon became apparent that there was an appetite for learning more about this area within the PR Industry, seeing around 30+ shares across social media (its normally about 3!).


Thinking about this in a little more detail, I remembered that I actually own a list of around 1500 UK based journalists currently active on Twitter from my days as a social media researcher, broken down by:

  • Industry Area (Fashion, Finance, Food & Drink, General, Sports, Technology and Travel)
  • Location in the UK (Mainly by City)

My initial idea for sharing this information to the industry was simply to copy and paste the full list into a WordPress Table – but then decided against it as believed I could offer something better, so I went to work in creating a live database of UK Journalists on Twitter – click here to view.

Due to restrictions made by Twitter, the database can only make 150 requests per hour, so to get the information on the Twitter user you desire, just copy and paste the formulas from Row 2 to the desired row, giving you live information on follower count.

In the event that #ERROR! appears in a cell, it’s probably the case that the request failed as the rate limit was exceeded for the hour. Why not go get yourself a cup of tea and hob-nob and try again a bit later.

This Google Spreadsheet is free to access to all, feel free to take a look, add to it, delete from it, tell all your other chums about it or download your own copy, just click “File” > “Make a copy”.

What do you think? Any you’d add? Any you’d remove?

If you are interested in engaging with Journalists on Twitter and finding out more about Social Media Marketing, why not attend one of our workshops.