In digging through my case study archive (purely metaphorical!), I came across yet another blogger relation’s campaign by Agent Provocateur that further supports its use as a marketing communications practice by PRs and marketers.

The last two case studies discussed (Becks Canvas and 5Live Football Player) have both shared fantastic results, achieved by adhering to three common principles (1) having great content (2) building sound relationships and (3) identifying niche blogging communities active online – principles that to sit at the core of this campaign.


The ‘Tableaux Vivants’ campaign by Agent Provocateur was based around the launch of the Tableaux Vivants fashion line by the label. The look created by Agent Provocateur was somewhat different to the look normally achieved, being very gothic and centred around Halloween; a notion that created a lot of buzz online.

Campaign Objectives

    • Build awareness of the ‘Tableaux Vivants’ campaign
    • Directly engage target audience groups
    • Drive traffic to the Agent Provocateur site
    • Generate positive online word of mouth and interest around Agent Provocateur globally
    • Achieve results in under 2 1⁄2 weeks of activity

Campaign Outputs

    • A high definition video with models wearing the fashion line
    • A number of supporting pictures of celebrities (Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe) wearing the fashion line under embargo.

Campaign Activity

    • Individually contacted each site with pitches tailored to their specific interests and also those of the website owner or blogger
    • Achieved 20 times the response rate to direct contact than when not using the tool
    • Maintained relationships with key bloggers throughout the campaign to create opportunities for ongoing conversations

Campaign Outputs

    • 60,000+ uplift in website traffic
    • Over 120 million unique impressions
    • 170 pieces of online coverage achieved
    • Coverage in over 20 countries
    • Social media placements led to print placements in National press
    • Video Views: 15,000+