Marketing online is as much of an art as it is a science. There are blog posts, images, GIFs and Vines everywhere, and they all form part of a universe that was created by some marketing expert somewhere to promote something.

But the internet turning into a marketing tool was somewhat accidental. When the network was first created, people were fascinated by the technology and where it could take us as a species. Few realised just how commercial and market driven it would eventually become. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest set out to connect people to each other and inadvertently became part of a online marketing powerhouse.

Almost everyone with a broadband connection is now an expert marketeer. People realise the importance of being seen in a certain way online and projecting the right information to the audience to get the best response, even if the promotion is entirely personal.

Social media has transformed into this juggernaut of news and media like the ever changing face of the music industry. It is not a magic bean and won’t make every brand as powerful as Oprah, but over time and with consistent use the medium is extremely powerful.

The art lies in knowing where to put content and links to drive the best results. The brand trying to make a mark on social media needs to figure out how to send a relevant message that is frequent enough, without alienating any crowd in particular.

Aspiring social media types need to focus on a few essential parameters. They need to first find a definition for their work. The internet is inherently social, mainly because the sheer number of people connected is what defines it. So, the old principles of selling face-to-face haven’t been lost with time and still translate well to tech.

The internet can change the pacing, costs and scaling of the whole campaign, however. The messages remain the same and only the speed at which they are communicated have been changed.

Talking to people and saying things that build relationships have been around since the dawn of our species. These factors haven’t really changed since we’ve begun using more effective technology.

The single biggest power of social media is the scale and efficiency with which relationships can be built. Building trust is easy, and a lack of trust is exactly what leads to the downfall of many marketing campaigns.

Everything is open and transparent in the new world with social media and a lot of the factors that businesses could hide earlier are now out for everyone to see. Bad business practices and lousy service can be complained about on social media and the results are instantly rewarding both for commerce and for consumers.

The world is in many ways exactly the way it was and in so many other ways is completely revolutionized. Much of this has to do with the power of the internet and social media in particular.