In reading this week’s edition of PRWeek, I came across a good case study example of a PR campaign created by Fever PR to support Only Fools & Horses 30th Anniversary.

Covering elements of traditional PR and social media, Gold TV planned an Only Fools & Horses marathon, broadcasting every episode created, to mark the show’s 30th Anniversary.


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The last five days have been a wash with news articles and blog posts covering the fallout of a recent Twitter campaign by Waitrose. Received with mixed applause – some titles came down hard on its use, with no surprise The Daily Mail leading the way, whilst others were a bit more accommodating.

But was the #WaitroseReasons campaign really that bad? Are people really put out by it? Do they really find it offensive? It my opinion not, and here’s why…


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At the start of September, LinkedIn announced the new, updated look for LinkedIn company pages. In line with a complete design overhaul and phased by functionality area, company pages was one of the last areas to get its new look.

In using the updated company pages, the only change that I can see relates to the overall design and change of the format of the site, no functional improvements have included yet, but keep an eye on the LinkedIn blog for new developments.


When looking to get myself updated on the latest LinkedIn developments, I came across an interesting whitepaper by HubSpot that clearly itemises all of the changes made as well as a recap on the functionality available to marketers responsible for ownership of their company page.

Whilst I recommend clients to keep company pages updated, I personally think that there’s a bit too much hype around them with no case studies (well LinkedIn ones) nor usage statistics being shared on their success online.

That said, to make sure you’re maximising the LinkedIn company page owned by your business I’ve pulled together my top ten tips to get you on your way:

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I recently came across a great PR stunt by Ultralase, one of the UK’s leading laser eye-care specialists, who hijacked page 3 of The Sun for a day to promote National Eye Health Week which ran across the UK between the 17th to the 23rd September 2012.

Engineered by Matt Balmforth of Lucre, the concept was simple, blur out the particulars of the page 3 model, using the catching tagline “Missing out on life’s best bits?”.


According to Chris Norton “the idea was to change a British Institution for the day [an idea that] seemed to work well”.

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With hundreds of social media tools professing to be able to manage your social media, finding the most appropriate tool for your business can be a confusing time, and a distraction. Some are free, others are low in cost and some are down right expensive – so whats that difference between them, and which would be best for me?

 The truth is that no one organisation is the same, each with their own defined working practices and processes, making it very hard to make an overarching recommendation as to the best tool for you. Taking this into account, what I tend to recommend is run trials on each of them (as they will all offer a free trial) to find out which is the best social media management tool for you.

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